Smokenator Classic For Weber Kettle Grills

Smokenator products convert Weber-style charcoal grills and standard gas grills into real smokers – perfect for “Low and Slow” food smoking.  Our grill smokers give you the ability to smoke meat, fish, vegetables – anything you can think of! 

The Smokenator Classic installs into 18, 22 or 26 inch Weber-style kettle grills and transforms them into Real Offset Water Smokers.  You can smoke on your Weber kettle grill using either the top or lower grill grate – the Smokenator Classic a super versatile Weber grill smoker and it makes a great gift too!

smokenator prism gas grill smoker kit

Smokenator Prisms are stainless steel smoker boxes that holds hardwood pellets for smoking food on any gas or charcoal grill.  The pellets slow burn to give you that delicious smokey flavor that is hard to achieve during traditional grilling!

Smoking prisms are often used for Hot Smoking of foods in conjunction with a heated cooking grill.  The prism pellet boxes can also be used for Cold Smoking (cheese, fish, etc.) where the grill is used as a smoking chamber not for cooking.

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Smokenator & Weber Pulled Pork Recipe

Cooking Pulled Pork In The Smokenator and Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill

Love pulled pork?  Check out this past recipe republished by our Smokenator friends at foodiepdx: SMOKENATOR PULLED PORK RECIPE 8/17/14 UPDATE (Original post below): Few changes to note given the recipe below. First, with the soaked apple wood chips, add to the Smokenator every hour and smoke for between 4-5 hours to about 170 internal. Second, if placing the wrapped pork […]

Cold Smoking With Smokenator Prism

Cold Smoking With The Smokenator Prism

Our friends at White Thunder BBQ just sent over this new video showing how to cold smoke with the Smokenator Prism pellet smoking kits.  Check it out!

KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kits

Looking To Cook Pizza On Your Weber???

Have you tried cooking pizza on your Weber kettle or gas grill?  Frustrated that you lose your heat when you open the lid and the bottom cooks faster than the top?  Check out our sister company: KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kits.  You’ll be happy you did!

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