About Smokenator

The Smokenator was developed when inventor, Don Thompson, wanted to smoke a 25 pound turkey in a kettle grill.  The challenge was to keep the turkey protected from direct heat and provide a humid smoking environment in the kettle grill.  Don spent months of research and experiments trying to perfect a method of smoking food in kettle style grills.  Finally he came up with the solution and the Smokenator was born. Don Thompson, Inventor of the Smokenator
Following a brief illness in 2009, Don passed away.  His wife Stephanie, daughter Jennifer, and son Ed, with help from other family members, continued to run the business.  They expanded the Smokenator concept to the Weber 18 inch and 26 inch kettles.  Their goal was to provide the same quality products and excellent service that Don always provided.
In October 2016 Smokenator was acquired by KettlePizza, LLC, a company that had built a strong relationship with Stephanie Thompson over the years.  KettlePizza hopes to continue the great reputation that Don, Stephanie and the Thompson family had built.