The Smokenator is the most effective accessory on the market to turn your Weber kettle into an incredible meat smoker, giving you control of moisture and temperature. The Smokenator frees up space, delivers true indirect cooking and will hold enough fuel for 6 hours. With its patented partition and water pan placement your Weber Kettle is transformed to allow you to easily and confidently smoke beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish and even fruits and vegetables. Learn More


smoked vegetables

Take a look at the delicious tomatoes smoked using the Smokenator.  Follow the step-by-step directions or try smoking other vegetables or fruit.


Show Us the Meat!

Share your BBQ smoking accomplishments including photos, recipes or any other information that would help others repeat your success. We'll share your story on our web site.  


Smoke salmon

with the smokenator

Smoking salmon is quick and easy.  It's also delicious and good for you.  Follow our tips to make amazing smoked salmon