The Smokenator is a new and unique way to convert a Weber style kettle grill into a real offset water smoker – perfect for “Low and Slow” cooking.  Our kits help people get more use out of their Weber-style kettle grills by turning it into a real smoker.  Smokenator smokers give you the ability to smoke meat, fish, vegetables – anything you can think of!

The heart of the smoker kit is the stainless steel Smokenator shield that separates the bottom of the kettle grill into a charcoal chamber and a cooking chamber.  Charcoal is placed inside the shield along with a couple pieces of hardwood and water in the water pan.

Place the main cooking grate in the Weber kettle (the grate fits snugly over the Smokenator shield) and you are ready to start smoking!  The Smokenator holds enough fuel for up to 6 hours of smoking time before re-fueling.

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