Smokenator Setups

Large capacity
Big enough for a turkey
Indirect Cooking

The Smokenator...

  • Saves you space: there is no need to buy a huge vertical smoker!
  • Offers the best passive temperature and moisture control available
  • Offers true indirect cooking, shielding your food from the hot coals
  • Holds enough fuel to heat a kettle for up to 6 hours
  • Easy to refuel with coals and wood chunks
  • Makes your clean up easy, giving you more time to spend with family and friends
  • Increases the versatility of your Weber:
    Grill hamburgers one day, and smoke a 15 pound turkey the next
  • Saves you money:
    compare the Smokenator to traditional smokers costing anywhere from $200-$500


Smokenator 180

For Your 18.5 Inch Weber Kettle

Smokenator 1000

For Your 22.5 Inch Weber Kettle

Smokenator 2600

For Your 26.75 Inch Weber Kettle

Smokenator Accessories

For Your Weber Kettle