What They're Saying...

The Smokenator:  A Necessity for all Weber Kettles.  If you have a Weber Kettle, you need the amazing Smokenator and Hovergrill. The Smokenator turns your grill into a first class smoker, and the Hovergrill can add capacity or be used to create steakhouse steaks.  For less than $70 you can easily convert a standard Weber Kettle into a smoker capable of making restaurant quality smoked ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, turkey, or salmon. If you have a limited budget or limited deck space, there is no need to buy a standalone smoker....  "Meathead" Goldwyn

The Smokenator was recommended in the Graphics section of the article "The New Barbecue" by Josh Ozersky in the Wall Street Journal: "I strongly recommend getting the Smokenator 1000, an accessory that inserts into the Weber kettle and allows you to smoke without exposing your food to direct coal or wood heat."  ... The Wall Street Journal, May 18, 2013.

Just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I entered my first ever competition - a 50-team cook-off, armed with nothing but Weber Silver 22.5" equipped with a Smokenator. Got a lot of funny looks from the other competitors who were almost exclusively working with large, commercial style pits. My brisket ended up placing 4th out of 50.  So there you have it - the Smokenator can produce championship quality brisket that beats out 90% of large commercial pits....  Alex

I just finished smoking my first ever pork shoulder. You need to know that I am Yankee living in Tennessee. Everyone here was born with a smoker next to their crib. I know as much about smoking meat as I do about quantum physics. I followed the directions from a smoke master on youtube that was smoking on one of those 2 million dollar smokers. After 14 hours of my "cook" using the Smokenator,  I brought the pork to work. The locals thought it was the best smoked pulled pork they ever had and did not and still do not  believe that I did it.  Thanks to the Smokenator my name will be etched in the "legends"  hall of local smokers.... Mike H.

The ribs I made were shocking, restaurant quality.  My Mom accused me of switching them out with purchased ribs.  I didn't buy cooked ribs, I cooked them with the Smokenator.  I will never again cook meat any other way!... Stephanie N.

In a single word, the Smokenator is awesome!  I can keep the temp at 225 and it is just the best gadget I have ever used.  I NEVER write reviews but this deserves a thumbs up...   Jim C in Georgia

This is amazing!  I intended to purchase another smoker to replace one that had rusted out.  I grill or smoke almost daily.  I installed the Smokenator in the grill - no need to remove.  Love it!... Mark

I LOVE this thing!  I thought it was pricey so I waited forever to buy it.  Got it for smoking the Thanksgiving turkey.  Right away I smoked a 22 pounder and it was delicious!... Steven

I bought the Smokenator 1000 to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. Unsure if it would get here in time and if in fact the Smokenator would work correctly my wife and I bought two turkeys just in case. She did one in the oven and I did one on the grill using the Smokenator. WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say!!  I soaked my turkey in a brine the night before and smoked it the day of Thanksgiving. While smoking the turkey it took a long time and I was constantly checking the Smokenator for temp, coals, and water. All in all it took about 6 hours to smoke the turkey and I was deathly afraid that in that amount of time the turkey had dried out. Not the case at all!! The turkey was moist and juicy with a smoke flavor to die for!  Now my wife and I can't wait to try smoking ribs, pork shoulder, and anything else we dare try. The Smokenator 1000 worked just as advertised and produced undisputed results. In my limited BBQing experience this is the best accessory that you can buy for a Weber grill. Try it out and you won't be disappointed!! ...Andrea

...I've been a Weber charcoal grill maestro for 30 years and thought I knew everything there was to know about Weber grills. Well, I didn't know that my Weber could also be a smoker, but it can! I was considering dropping the $299 for a Weber Smokey Mountain and saved $220 by buying the Smokenator.  As a test, today I smoked a pork shoulder and a turkey breast at the same time. The pork was on for 9 hours and for the entire time, the temp never wavered from 200-260. I threw the turkey on at the 3 hour mark and it was done in 5 hours. No more guessing when the meat will be done!  Follow the directions and the temp is just locked in.  The directions are great. They teach you how to adjust the dampers to dial in the temp. Compared to the bullet type smoker I used before with no air control, the Smokenator is so much easier to use, so easy to clean up, and so easy to manage throughout the day...   Overall, I am an instant fan of the Smokenator. Can't wait to use it again.... Eric


This is hands down the best grill accessory that I have EVER purchased.  I've owned electric smokers and a variety of grills.  I have purchased all the accessories you can find but I just couldn't produce the smoked food I like.  After three attempts with the Smokenator, I made the best rack of ribs I have ever had!  That's a pretty short learning curve in my opinion... John

So, I told my wife I wanted a Big Green Egg, because I have a Weber kettle grill and I’ve always been frustrated by its inability to cook low and slow well enough, but I don’t really have space for a dedicated smoker and a grill with lots of real estate.  For Father’s Day she bought me the Smokenator 1000, and I used it today to make baby back ribs.  Holy cow!  It was easy to use, the heat was very easy to regulate, and the results were simply fantastic:  easily the best ribs I’ve ever made, by far.  Yet I still have my kettle for high heat grilling.  This device of yours is excellent.  Really.... Marcel

As an experienced grill master, I used to use just wood chips to smoke mainly BBQ chicken and ribs for a short period only, without drying them out. I discovered the Smokenator 1000 on Amazon and had to have it. I have owned a Weber kettle grill for 30 years and was considering buying a conventional smoker. I received the 1000 as a birthday gift and put it to use on Labor Day weekend 2012.The directions were simple to understand for the setup for the 1000, I smoked 3 full racks of ribs for 9 1/2 hours without a hitch, and chicken thighs for 5 hours. The best ribs and chicken we have ever had, save the BBQ sauce for the end results if desired. The key is to maintain the 230 deg. temp and keep the water level full. I used Kingsford charcoal and both mesquite and hickory wood chunks, thanks for the great product... G. Hartman

First off, thanks so much for the prompt shipping. My Smokenator arrived as promised on Wednesday and I fired up my newly smoker-enhanced Weber Performer today. Although the dome temperature fluctuated all day between 210-245°F, and I thought that would pose problems, these are some of the very best backyard ribs I have EVER had. I'm so impressed not just with the product and the terrific service, but also with the accompanying literature. I used the rub recipes as a starting point to create an outstanding St. Louis rib rub, and thanks to the advice in the pamphlet, I just can't say enough good things about my first smoking experience.  You guys are the real deal, and I'm now the newest Smokenator convert.  Thanks again- ...David


I would have never thought this would works as well as it does. I was really thinking it would supply very little smoke since I am used to using the vertical smokers. This thing SHOCKED me. Had a better infusion of smoke, better smoke ring and cooked better than the vertical smoker. I have since stopped the use of the vertical smoker unless I am doing several racks of ribs. This has replaced it easily. I use it every two weeks and have NO complaints at all about it... Anyway, if you like to smoke meats and have a Weber 22.5" grill, you won't regret this purchase!!!  ... Wesley

I just wanted to say I cooked my first brisket with your "Smokenator 1000". I cooked for a small dinner party and everyone was asking where I got the brisket from. When I told them I cooked it myself with your product they asked when I was going to open a BBQ Joint of my own. They loved it as did I. This was the first session with it and all I can say it "was as advertised". The test didn't go quite as well, but the main cooking for 7 hours was perfect and the end result was wonderful. Thanks again, I'm now a much more avid outdoor cook and can't wait to put some Baby Backs on the grill.  Such a Great Product !!!!!!  Don in Garland, TX