How It Works


Introducing the Smokenator, the innovative BBQ accessory that transforms the Weber kettle into a multi-purpose water smoker. The Smokenator 1000 is made for the 22" Weber Kettle, the Smokenator 180 is for the 18" Weber Kettle, and the Smokenator 2600 for the 26" Weber Kettle. The Weber kettle has capacity and precise air control, which when coupled with the Smokenator makes it unnecessary to purchase a separate charcoal smoker.

If you are a complete novice to low temperature smoking, you own a 18", 22”, or 26" Weber kettle, and want to learn how to smoke food, read on to learn about a simple but sophisticated tool that will improve the efficiency and capacity of your workhorse Weber Kettle and help you avoid many months of trial and error and disappointing results.




The Smokenator contains the hot coals channeling heat upward and shielding food from direct heat. Food is cooked by convection and gentle radiation through the 18 gauge stainless shield.  A pan containing water rests right on top of the coals which is the most efficient way to fill the kettle with high humidity.  This humidity does three things: Keeps food moist (assuring deep smoke ring penetration), keeps temperature lower which gives you more control over temperature.