Competitive Advantages

There are two designs of smokers available in the market place. Vertically or horizontally oriented, both types can be fueled by charcoal, wood, electricity or gas.  Vertical smokers usually have a water source to dampen temperature and keep the interior of the smoking environment high in humidity.  This is important in keeping many tougher meats moist while heat dissolves the fibrous collagen. Most horizontal smokers are typically run dry.  Electric smokers are usually vertical in orientation and typically have a water pan to keep moisture in the smoking environment higher than dry heat.

The purpose of the Smokenator is to provide an accessory for a Barbecue Chef who already owns a 18", 22", or 26" Weber and desires to maximize the versatility, capacity, and temperature control features that are built into this classic American kettle.

Most people know that the Weber kettle has superior control of temperature.  What most people don't realize is the capacity of the Weber can be easily expanded.  If you purchase a Smokenator and the Hovergrill or use an alternative extra grill such as one used for the 18" Weber, what capacity do you really have?  How does this capacity meet your personal needs?   This picture illustrates the area to hold food in the 22" Weber with a Smokenator 1000 installed.

The Hovergrill rests on two supports that raise the grill 3 1/2 inches above the food support grill. In the 22" Weber, the total area of the combined grills is 547 square inches. We have used the combination to smoke over 15 pounds of ribs. One can cook 8 chicken halves, four on the top grill and four on the Hovergrill.


Using just the lower coal support grill (bottom grill) and the top grill with rib racks, customers report doing 10 racks of St Louis style ribs! The Smokenator really allows the space in the kettle to be utilized effectively without burning or charring.